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Find out more about the software we use to create these packages at the following links. (The scripts and support for Moodle)
EasyPHP (Apache, PHP and MySQL package)
Xampp (Apache, PHP and MySQL package)
Uniserver (Apache, PHP and MySQL package)




Welcome to Moodle Packages For Windows
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Here you will find packages of Moodle combined with software that will allow you to turn an ordinary Windows computer into a fully functioning web server with all the Moodle scripts included.

New: Moodle 1.5 for Windows in download area. See bellow
For those of you wanting my Moodle theme OSXBlue for v 1.4 here is a link to download it.

For Moodle 1.5 click here to download OSXBLUE for v 1.5

You can see the theme at

We found a need to make the installation of a web server and Moodle as painless as possible. We have taken on the task of creating packages for you to install Moodle and get it up and running as easy as possible. The following links will allow you to download different packages made by Moodlers from all over.

Before you install please read!


USB Drive Compatible

Installing Guide - Moodle for Windows with EasyPHP guide. Download Here (note this guide will work for 1.5 just ignore where it says 1.4 )

Moodle for Windows packaged by Floyd Collins
This package will install Moodle 1.5+ with EasyPHP as the package that will install Apache, PHP and MySQL. With this package you will walk through the setup and configuration setting with easy to follow web pages. Fast and easy only takes a few minutes to install. If you find difficulty with this package, click here for more information.

New Moodle 1.5.2+ For Windows with EasyPHP 1-8 installation.
Note: This is an update to Moodle for Windows with EasyPHP. This will create a EasyPhp1-8 folder on your hard drive. This version is not compatible with any other drive installed other then C:\. So if you want to experiment with using moodle on a thumb drive or another dive then C: please use one of the other distributions bellow.

If you wish to upgrade your older version of EasyPHP, simply install this package and copy over your C:\EasyPHP\www and C:\EasyPHP\mysql\data\moodle folder from your old instillation to the new EasyPHP1-8 folder. Run startup.bat from the new EasyPHP1-8 folder and make sure everything is working. Once you are sure it is all working you can then delete your old EasyPHP folder.

Note: this package includes the latest moodle files as of Oct 15, 2005. 1.5.2 +

Please report any bugs

Download Here Updated 10-16-05

Moodle 1.5.2+ for Windows with EasyPHP 1.7 installation

Download Here Updated 7-20-05

Note: If you install this package on another drive then C: you will need to edit the \EasyPHP\apache\conf\httpd.conf file and change the path to the ServerRoot "C:/EasyPHP/apache". Then run moodleinstall.bat again.

USB Drive Compatible

NOTE: I am no longer maintaining Xampp only on request will I compile for it.

But if you want a good Xampp package you can download one from Eloy.





This site is simply an outlet for packages relating to moodle. Not to be confused with the official moodle site.